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To commemorate his 50 years in music and 25 years in the amplifier business, Jim Marshall introduced a limited edition collection of tube amps and cabinets in 1987. The amps, based on the 2203 and 2204 master volume designs, were known as the "25/50 Silver Jubilee" Series models. The products were distinctive, with their silver-grey vinyl covering and chrome panels. They also featured a special commemorative plate on the bottom left corner of the grille of each amp.

As a special tie-in with the 25/50 theme, Marshall introduced a half-power mode so that the user could select either 25/50 watts on the 50 watt models, or 50/100 watts on the 100 watt models. This feature has been carried over into the JCM 900 series amps, but only on the 100 watt models.

The Jubilee Series amps also featured quiet switching between lead and rhythm channels. When the 1987 sales year ended, the special models were added into the existing JCM 800 line-up as the Custom Series (although they were sold in the traditional black vinyl after the Jubilee year was over).

This line of amps has a sound that is quite specific and unique. The distortion circuit is based not only on ECC83 tubes (2) but also on a diode circuit. Basically these amps are normal JCM800 amps with a built in distortion pedal. The overdrive channel is something that resembles the circuit in the Marshall Guv'nor pedal. (In fact combining a JCM800 with this pedal gives a sound similar to the Jubilee sound.)

The 2558 combo is a 50 watt amplifier equipped with a pair of Celestion Vintage 30 loudspeakers. This highly desirable and collectable amp is in good original condition, showing some grime and marks from use, but certainly not from abuse! I've specifically left the small amount of grime on the amp in case the new owner prefers the 'streed cred' look, but a short time spent with a good cleaner and a little elbow grease would make this thing come up really nicely. In fact, if you prefer the clean look we'll ever do it for you before shipping - just ask!

It sounds great too! I love the 25-watt setting, while the 50-watt setting will enable you to undertake any gig's LOUD! It has quite recently been serviced, with new valves and bias adjustment.

Sold to Matt

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