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Absolutely stunning. This has to be one of the best in existence.

The advertising back in 1957 proclaimed;

The ultimate in modern amplifiers --the Custom 280 has a sound BIG AS ALL OUTDOORS-- the Vastness of the sky combined with MAGNATONE'S BIG "V" Electronic True Vibrato-- the newest audio circuit design by modern electronic engineering. The only musical instrument amplifier designed to produce Vast Stereophonic Sound. The instant response, the reserve power, the extreme wide range from rich round bass to sparkling brillant highs, and the modern acoustically designed cabinet makes the Custom 280 an innovation in the world of music. The Custom 280 is designed for use with accordions, string bass and bass guitars, as well as standard Spanish and steel guitars.

You know the sound. Robert Ward, Lonnie Mack, Robert Cray, Buddy Holly, Ry Cooder...along with the 260 model, these amps defined a sound that has simply not been equalled by anyone since!

Sold to a lucky customer in Sydney

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