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Tone hounds (both hi-fidelity purists and guitarists) know that nothing approaches the tone of a single-ended class-A valve (tube) amplifier. There is no crossover distortion, which is the harsh distortion we all tire of; just buckets of pure even-order distortion which is what all the stomp boxes try to emulate (and see what people pay for what is, after all, only an approximation of the real thing!)

vintage Magnatone tube amplifierThen there are those who appreciate cool looks. The sort of looks and character that 'retro' styling tries to emulate, but so often ends up merely being a caricature!

This truly classic and collectable American-made amplifier from the 1950s, a revered Magnatone amp covered in faux alligator skin leatherette runs (on its original 110-volt supply) a 6V6 output valve, the beautiful 6SJ7 preamp valve, and the obligatory and legendary 5Y3 rectifier, out through the original Jensen 8-inch speaker, to give the best and most authentic vintage tones imaginable.

This amp is in sensational original condition. Clean, clean, clean! Even the original gold grille cloth is super clean.

A true tone bargain (and great investment!) - Grouse!

Sold to Murray

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