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In the 1970s, Leslie produced a series of high-powered solid-state models of their rotating speaker system to meet the demands of Hammond organ players wanting more 'oomph' than the valve 147 and 122 cabinets could provide (they were rated at 40 watts, but even that was somewhat optimistic!)

For the X5 Hammond, Leslie designed the monstrous 760, but also the much smaller 825. The 825 still packed some serious punch, with a 70-watt amp feeding a special Jensen SM12 100-watt speaker (this one has a 1973 date code - 27th week), but only had the rotating foam drum under the downward-facing 12" speaker, without the rotating horns, and was designed as the 'portable' Leslie for smaller venues.

Of course, guitarists jumped onto this model, and it soon became dubbed the 'guitar Leslie', some even claiming (wrongly) that it had been designed specifically for guitar. Nevertheless, the 825 was perfect for guitar use, as it had its own 2-channel 'Combo' pre-amp and control unit, which could be fed directly from a guitar, from a bank of pedals, or even from the line-out of a guitar amplifier.

The pre-amp/control unit has become quite sought-after in its own right, and it is rare to find a Leslie 825 complete with its original matching pre-amp and 9-pin connector lead, but that is exactly what we have here.

This unit is in remarkable condition for its 25-year age. There is some scuffing to the edges of the black tolex covering on the plywood cabinet, and the grilles (there are three) are not as pristine as the day they were installed, but overall the unit is in great condition. The Combo Pre-amp is remarkably free of wear and scrapes. The fibreglass pad that surrounds half the speaker to partially de-couple the back of the speaker from the signal being emitted from the rotating drum had started to break up, causing some strange sounds, but the entire pad has now been covered in a cotton 'pouch' which will avoid that problem re-occurring.

Other than some basic cleaning and checking, the unit required no further work, and it's ready for another 25 years of service!

These are very sought-after, and I doubt it will last long. Hesitate at your peril!

Sold to Mitch

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