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Here is something different! It's a vintage Lenard GB100 valve head, using 4 x 6CA7 valves in the output. It has a full/half power switch, which is interesting, and I'd personally only ever use the 'half' setting! The amp came from a reliable source in Canberra, and it had apparently been serviced by Canberra amp tech Derek Lark, so I am selling this amp at this point 'as-is'.

As Lenard folded in 1972, I would assume this amp would date from approximately 1970.

Here's a potted history of Lenard, along with some helpful links;

John Lenard Burnett initially started as an apprentice for Tony Troughton at his Vase amp factory in Brisbane. In 1965, he moved to Sydney. stainged the Lenard company (his middle name) in 1966. His first bass amp was built for the brilliant Duncan McGuire and the first PA system went to Doug Parkinson’s band, the Questions, which was the first band to use all-Lenard equipment. Sales surged as a result of sponsoring the 2SM ‘Battle Of The Bands’ contest and the Ourimbah festival, where all stage and PA equipment was Lenard. However, an unfortunate association with a business partner saw the company dissolve, and eventually ceased operations in 1972.

A quite extensive history of Lenard can be seen here, and an even more fascinating 2004 interview with the man himself, John Lenard Burnett, can be seen here and here.

So here's a classic bit of vintage Aussie high-powered and high-quality gear. Initial pricing is bargain-basement on an as-is basis, and will rise once I have the amp fully serviced and checked by Ross.

The amp weighs 17kg and measures 62cm(W) x 27cm(D) x 17.5cm(H).

Sold to Aaron

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