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Do you play acoustic guitar live, but been frustrated by trying to get a classical guitar sound amplified convincingly? I was!

This K.Yairi, handmade in Japan, top-quality classical guitar is factory-fitted with a great pickup system and pre-amp - the Yairi NR (Natural Response) - and the body - not needing to project as a straight acoustic would need to - is slim, at 3/4 of the normal depth. So it's comfortable too, as well as being remarkably resistant to feedback. Plus, of course, it has a cutaway to enable you to play the upper registers easily.

The guitar displays just the barest of handling and play wear, and has obviously been very well cared for. The only fault, and it's very minor, is that the plastic surround for the pre-amp controls on the side of the body have cracked in the middle. it has done so very neatly, and in fact I initially thought the surround was made in two pieces! But close inspection shows the curve of the body side at that point has eventually caused a stress crack in the plastic surround. if you were really keen, some hobby plastic glue would repair it, but frankly I think it's too minor to worry about.

Action measures 4mm and 3mm at the 12th fret on the bass and treble E strings respectively, and nut width is 52mm. Scale length is 650mm.

The guitar's top is solid Cedar, with Rosewood back, sides and bridge. The neck is Mahogany, with a beautiful Ebony fretboard.

The guitar dates from 1999 (serial number 54878), and comes in a very high quality (and expensive) English-made Hiscox Lite Flight case.

Sold to Martin

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