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Rare and classic 1986 Kinman Blueprint Series electric guitar which is modelled after the vintage Fender Stratocaster from the 1950’s. I understand that only about 200 of these were made, and they were very expensive when new. This example is finished in the original Kinman colour, Magenta Mist.

Stephen Housden, guitarist with the Little River Band, uses one of these grouse guitars. In fact, his latest solo album, New World Groove, features the headstock of his Kinman on the cover! Click here to see/order the CD.

Chris Kinman, the builder of these great guitars now focuses on building his noiseless pickup which can be seen at

From an original Kinman brochure:

The Ideal

The Kinman Blueprint Series guitars were developed and perfected to meet the demands of guitarists who have a passion for fine vintage instruments. There is no better feeling than that unmistakeable, almost magical feeling you get from playing a finely crafted guitar. This is the feeling that top players search for, they know what it does for their playing and creativity.

The Guitar

Kinman guitars are meticulously crafted from carefully selected woods known for their tonal qualities. Only guitar playing craftsmen are employed so that each stage of manufacture gets devoted attention. The results of many hours of working the fine woods, applying the finish and careful assembly are manifested in the finished guitar. The graceful curves and deeply sculptured contours of the body are not only beautiful to look at, but make it extremely comfortable to hold. The neck has been specially designed to accommodate many styles of playing. It’s wide without being too fat, slender without being skinny and fast without being slippery.

The Difference

Chris Kinman established Kinman Guitar Craft in 1969 and now draws on his long experience as an electric luthier to create modern masterpieces. Although named the Blueprint series and inspired by vintage instruments, they incorporate minor engineering improvements such as low friction nuts to help with keeping tuned, and a novel method of truss rod installation resulting in a failure proof system of neck relief control.

The Finer Details Of The Blueprint Series

  • Body: American Red Alder - air dried
  • Neck: (One Piece) American Rock Maple – incorporating adjustable steel truss rod
  • Machine Heads: Gotoh (vintage Kluson-style)
  • Tremolo Bridge: Gotoh (vintage style)
  • Bridge pick-up: Bill Lawrence OBL-L250L
  • Neck & middle pick-ups Bill Lawrence OBL-L250R
  • (3 p.u. models only) Adds neck pick up signal to whatever is selected on the 5 position switch, enabling all 7 possible combinations of the 3 p.u’s.
  • Nut & string guide: Low friction Teflon plastic alloy
  • Switch: Special enclosed type 5 position.
  • Shielding: All body cavities are electrostatically shielded.
  • Neck coating: Polymerised Nitro cellulose lacquer.
  • Body coating: Polymerised Acrylic – urethane lacquer.
  • Case: Stitched end – plush lined.

This guitar plays and sounds fantastic!

  • The original frets still have plenty of life, though obviously some playing wear is evident
  • Small crack in the pickguard near the 2nd tone control – cosmetic only, does not affect playability
  • Chip in wood in the top/front of the headstock – cosmetic only, does not affect playability - see pic in 'more pictures' link below.
  • Chip in body finish on the edge below the input jack - see pic in 'more pictures' link below.
  • The original hard shell case has some marks and tolex tears – cosmetic only, and the case is still very strong with all latches functioning correctly.

Sold to Ian

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