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This is a stunner!

My very first brand-new steel-string guitar back in 1974 was a Kasuga 12-string, exactly like this one. It was only a year or so old when the pet parrot, which was allowed out of its cage quite regularly, suddenly discovered a liking for the taste of the laminated Spruce top while we were out of the room...

This made-in-Japan guitar (a 'lawsuit' copy of a Gibson® Hummingbird® 12-string) would have been made around the same time. Kasuga were apparently contracted by Tokai during the height of the 'lawsuit' era, as they were the only guitar factory (Gakki) that were up to Tokai's high standards. A joint venture was established between Tokai USA and Kasuga called Kasuga International. In 1972, Kasuga guitars began to come into America and later to Europe. Guitars were 'lawsuit' copies of the most popular Gibson, Fender, and Martin acoustic and electric solid body designs.

This guitar is in superb, almost unplayed condition. There are some marks on the back of the neck, which may have been made by the horrible steel capos that were in use at that time, but they are really quite minor. There is otherwise absolutely NO play wear on this superb guitar at all. I purchased it from a person who had owned it for 26 years, and for almost all that time it had simply sat in its case under the bed. The case, by the way, is also in superb condition.

The guitar is made of laminated timbers throughout, which makes it extremely stable. Yet it still sounds great. Action is great, neck set is perfect; the guitar truly is as it was back in the mid 1970s. A great guitar to use, and also suitable for a musician who likes their gear to look good.

Ships with its original hard shell case.

Sold to Adrian

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