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The last owner of this amazing bass owned it since she bought it privately in 1971! The colour when she purchased this bass guitar was sunburst, but she had the colour changed in the late seventies to Fiesta Red, and replaced the original scratch plate (which had the original owner's name engraved in it) with a black one.This was carried out by a friend of hers who made guitars and amps back in those days.

Other than that this vintage Fender Jazz is as it was when she bought it apart from small paint chips and belt wear on the back of the instrument.

It comes with its original Stamford case, which is showing many signs if its advanced age! The fact that the bass has a Stamford case indicates it was sold here new, as American guitars were imported without cases, as import duties made it much more economical to offer locally-built cases. So this is not a private import, or a bass of dubious past. It's always been right here in Aus from the outset - let's keep it that way!

Sold to Dave

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