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Here is an amp you won't see too often. A HUGE head with great power and sound, and made by one of New Zealand's most highly regarded manufacturers of professional music gear, particularly in the 1960s and '70s. (click here to read an article about them).

Two 7027A valves running 600 volts on the plates (think Ampeg!) give this this amp heaps of power and sparkle. Ross Giles of Giles Audio, who serviced this amp, had to carefully select a pair of valves and match them to a much tighter spec than the 'matched pairs' being sold, so the amp could be adjusted perfectly with the 600 volt plate voltage. Some new coupling capacitors and new pre-amp valves completed the overhaul.

The amp is very original, still sporting its original aluminium knobs (12 of 'em!).

If you're wanting an amp with heaps of tone shaping, great power, high quality construction, size (this thing measures 71cm x 30cm x 26cm and weighs a bit over 21kg!) and individuality and rarity, this is it.

Output is for an 8 ohm load.

Sold to Michael

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