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Here's a bargain for those wanting something dfferent, and with a few hours to kill.

It's a made-in-Italy Crucianelli Elite teardrop bass, from the 1960s, which has been professionally de-fretted (by the resident luthier at the now-defunct Troy Music in Ringwood, Melbourne). Crucianelli instruments were often confused with Eko instruments, another Italian brand.

The bass has a few screws missing (check the 'more pictures' link below), as well as the pickguard and the badge from the headstock. The pickups work well (and sound great!), but the wiring needs the earthing checked, as there is a hum if the strings or some other metal part of the bass are not touched (when plugged in, of course!).

I'll list the bass for a few months as-is, to give you an opportunity for a bargain-priced and very easy 'project'. If it doesn't sell in that time, I'll have the rectification work done, and will then price the bass somewhere north of $1000AUD.

The bass is incredibly original, and the original sunburst finish is still really nice. There are a few minor marks and some checking of the neck (once again, see the detailed pics in the 'more pictures' link), but all the fittings are original, the neck is superb to play, and the bass gives a fantastic fretless and 'acoustic' sound. At 30.5 inches the scale is a short-scale, making it easy for those with smaller hands to play. Double-bass sounds with a MUCH more transportable and playable instrument!

Even the original case comes with this bass, but it is in very poor condition, showing that the bass is, after all, more than 40 years old!

Super cool, super cheap! To see some other examples of this model, complete with headstock badge and other details, click here, here, here, here and here!

Sold to Ken

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