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I just love this thing! A pre-lawsuit made-in-Japan Ibanez 'copying' a Gibson® that hadn't even been made yet!

This MIJ Ibanez 2387B is from the early 1970s, pre-dating the advent of serial numbers at Ibanez, which began in 1975. A copy of the relevant page from the Ibanez catalogue can be seen at the bottom of the 'more pictures' page (see link below).

Despite being a bolt-on neck, the bass shows some typical high-quality Japanese construction and materials. The lovely Cherry finish shows the underlying solid Mahogany nicely (both the body and neck are Mahogany). The original bridge has a very clever slide-in slide-out mute which works incredibly well, allowing fast changes should you suddenly want to get a vintage 'plonk, plonk', almost double-bass sound during a section of a song, and then let out again to get the full resonance of the Mahogany body and neck. The bridge cover has long gone missing.

Other than the missing cover, the bass is suprisingly complete and original, right down to the tuners, pickups and controls.

And it sounds amazingly good! It has a much higher output than I'd imagined, and the two pickups allow a great range of tones, with the switch allowing bridge, both, or neck pickups to be selected, along with individual volume controls for each pickup and a master tone control.

The original frets don't show much wear at all, and this bass will rock you for another 40 years, no problems at all. Action is great, and the bass plays extremely well. I will be gigging this bass often until it sells - it's a bundle of fun!

Scale length is 33.5 inches.

This vintage Ibanez bass comes with its original case which is in pretty sad condition, but it isn't beyond repair should you want to do some restoration.

Sold to Tony

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