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I'm always on the lookout for great instruments for left-handed players, and was thrilled to find this beauty. These Ibanez Roadsters are GROUSE basses! Don't confuse it with the much more common Roadstar model. The made-in-Japan Roadster RS-924TVI has a solid Ash body, and a solid Maple neck with a Maple fretboard (no contrasting 'skunk stripe'), and an on-board pre-amp that can be switched in and out of circuit, so you can choose whether you want an active or passive bass at any moment!

These things simply ooze quality. Top grade timbers, unbelievable fitting and workmanship (compare this to a 1980 Fender and you'll see why the latter went down the plug a few years later!), and awesome hardware. They have for a long while been the bargain bass for the serious bassist 'in the know', but they are finally starting to be recognised and appreciated the way they should be!

This bass has had one owner for the past 18 years or so, and was only played for the first 5 years of that ownership. Since then it has simply say literally under the bed! As such it has virtually no wear to the original frets, which could be said to still have 100% life left. There is some belt buckle scratching on the back, mostly in the region of the 9v battery cover (see the pictures in the 'more pictures' link below) and a few marks here and there, but overall this bass is in great condition.

Weight is bang on 5kg (11 pounds) - all those solid tonewoods and heavy-duty hardware add up! The original hard shell case is in great condition. Serial number is D803070, making its production date April 1980.

Sold to Paolo in Italy

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