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The serial number of 760205 shows this stunning Ibanez 698S Concord was made in Japan in 1976, and it has been treasured and babied ever since! It comes in an extremely well-built and generously-sized and plush-padded Epiphone case, which is also in perfect condition.

Modelled on the Gibson SJ-200 (and at 1976 bang in the 'lawsuit' era), this is an imposing guitar that is extremely well made, plays perfectly and sounds superb! Neck is gunbarrel straight - action at the 12th fret is just 3mm at the bass side and 2.5mm on the treble. I say imposing for a reason - full 17" lower bout, 5" body depth, 42.5" overall length...this is a real Jumbo!

You can see a scan of the relevant page of the 1976 Ibanez catalogue on the Captain Ibanez website here.

There is a little bit of fret wear on the first three frets, but not even enough to warrant this guitar's first fret dress. Frets from the 4th up are untouched. There is some slight plectrum wear to the edge of the soundhole adjacent to the pickguard (the pickguard out-Gibsons Gibson - check out the detail and colouring!), and a few very minor handling marks to the body of the guitar, but overall this almost 40-year-old made-in-Japan vintage acoustic is in freakishly good condition. Check out the more detailed photographs in the 'more pictures' link below.

Sold within hours of listing to Bob

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