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Want the Fender Jazz Bass sound, but looking for something a bit more individual? Here it is! Nirvana's bassist, Krist Novoselic, used one of these on the recording of 'Bleach', and then on the subsequent tour (and, yes, it was one of these he threw into the air at the MTV awards!)

This is a 1977 vintage Ibanez 2609B Black Eagle Bass, with serial number of D770698 indicating a production date in April 1977. These basses, which now have quite a cult following, were produced in relatively limited numbers by Ibanez in Japan between late 1975 and early 1979.

Body is solid Mahogany (tone to burn, and a 5kg, or 11 pounds, weight!), with a Maple neck.

The previous owner has fitted Fender® Jazz Bass® pickups and bridge to this bass, and its tone is awesome. The neck feels great, and plays well. Unfortunately, a previous owner has modified the shape of the scroll on the headstock, making it a more exaggerated curve on the bottom than the original Fender-inspired shape. It doesn't look bad as-is (it sort of suits the exaggerated body curves!), but it would not be a huge task for a competent luthier or woodworker to restore the headstock to its original shape if the new owner decided to go down that path. Check out the 'more pictures' link below.

Sold to Daniel in Sweden

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