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Bloody beautiful! This has to be the nicest vintage (January, 1977) Ibanez bass I've ever seen or played, especially with its original Olympic White finish now turning a warmer shade of cream with age. The black 'block' position markers really set this vintage 'lawsuit' era bass off nicely.

And it sounds gorgeous too, with its active EMG P/J pickups (replicating the pickups of Fender®'s Precision Bass® and Jazz Bass® models).

The serial number (A772431) indicates a January 1977 build, right at the beginning of the famous 'lawsuit' era. The accuracy with which the Japanese copied every detail of the mostly American models they chose to replicate is extraordinary, and is what places these instruments so high in the desirability stakes, both for collectors and players.

This very low-mileage bass has been very carefully modified to take active EMG pickups, with the 9-volt battery (with 2000 hour life) being mounted very neatly in a carefully expanded rout. See the detailed pics in the 'more pictures' link below to see just how neatly and professionally it was done. Other than the electronic change (including the removal of the original pickup selector switch and the addition of another pot to control the active pickups, this bass is beautifully original. Even the original paint shows a remarkably low level of chips and scrapes.

Cool looks, great sound and playabilty, and ever-increasing collectability make this a very affordable addition to your vintage bass arsenal.

Comes with a hard shell case.

Sold to Kim

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