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vintage Ibanez 530 guitar
vintage Ibanez classical guitar

A delightful little vintage Made-in-Japan classical or folk guitar. Ladel indicates it is a "530" model, which will do doubt mean more to astute collectors than it does to me! Construction is not much different from the 1958 Ibanez archtop we have in stock, with the charming (if exaggerated!) mother-of-pearl inlay and binding detail around the top of the guitar.

Top appears to be bookmatched solid spruce (with the soundhole being bound it's impossible tell for certain), while the back and sides appear to be laminated mahogany. The sound is certainly very lively with good projection.

Neck displays a slight curve (there is no adjustable truss rod), with action at the 12th fret measuring 5mm on the bass side, and 4mm on the treble. Nut width is 4.5cm. There are some wear marks to the body, as can be expected, but no serious dents or signs of abuse. Wear to the fretboard is limited to the first three positions - the player of this guitar never did more than strum basic chords! Being a nylon-strung guitar there is no discrenable wear at all to the frets themselves.

Very collectable, being an early Ibanez, and very affordable, as well as being completely playable. No case with this one.

Sold to Aaron

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