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Here is a beautiful Ibanez 2402WH, a model (in its stunning white and gold finish) that is less common than the 2405 (cherry red and chrome) model, an example of which we sold some time back.

The Gibson® EDS-1275 of course was made most famous by its use in the live renditions of "Stairway to Heaven" by Jimmy Page. In the movie "Spinout", Elvis Presley's guitarist Scotty Moore is actually shown playing a Gibson twin-neck, although it's doubtful that he actually recorded with it!

Ibanez named their twin-neck the 2402 (at least they didn't copy the model number!), and it was available in either Cherry finish or White, in which case the model was nominated with a WH to denote the white finish and special gold-plated hardware. Even the "Zebra" pickups (the production models were fitted with these on the 6-string section) have gold-plated adjustable pole pieces!.

This example is in very good condition, and totally original and unmolested, with only a few minor paint chips. Even the original case, in very good condition, comes with this vintage Ibanez. The initial owner, a Mr Iain Murray from South Australia (I wonder if he went on to become the famous yachtsman?) had his name engraved on the 12-string neck plate and both the gold-plated stop tailpieces, as well as his full name, address and telephone number on the rear plastic inspection plate! He was obviously a very proud (and maybe a little paranoid?) owner of his new Ibanez! Where the engraving disturbed the plating on the neck-plate, surface corrosion has set in underneath the plating and lifted it, as you will se in the close-up photographs in the 'more pictures' link below. The guitar displayes very little play wear, even to the gold plating on the pickups, bridge etc. Original frets are perfect.

This is a highly collectable guitar, and won't last long!

Sold to John

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