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Hoyer was a German manufacturer of stylish, well-built guitars (mainly archtops, both electric and acoustic), along with Hofner and Hopf (and others). The market was particularly good for these instruments in the 1950s and 1960s, and this immaculate example probably dates from the late 1950s.

It is an acoustic archtop, and has been incredibly well cared-for. The original frets display only a hint of wear, and have never been filed or dressed, and the headstock veneer shows some evidence of shrinkage with age with subsequent cracking (purely cosmetic, with no structural implications at all) - this guitar is almost like new! The original finish is pristine except for some very minor chips and marks, and the guitar still has its original bridge, machine heads and stylish scratchplate. The F-holes are bound in plastic MOTS pearl, so I can't determine whether the top is solid or laminated, but I would guess it is a fully laminated guitar. Click on the 'more pictures' link below to truly appreciate the beauty and condition of this guitar!

This vintage archtop guitar is a full-depth model (sides are 75mm deep, and both the top and back are arched, while the lower bout measures 42.5cm - or 16 3/4 inches - across. Scale length is 63.5cm or 25 inches.

The guitar has absolutely no issues, and is perfect for both the collector and the player, although I suspect that with its striking looks and equally striking condition, it will be particularly attractive to collectors.

This vintage Hoyer comes with an old case which I assume is the original. it has seen better days, and has had a strange modification by a previous owner (see the protruding leather 'cylinder' which has been added to the case around the bridge position - it looks like it may have been modified from a leather camera lens case - in the 'more pictures' link below), but is still serviceable and protects the guitar well.


Sold to Peter

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