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Harmony was a huge producer of guitars during the 1950s and 1960s, and they made many fine entry-level guitars in all styles to cater for the explosion in the popularity of the guitar. However, they also made a professional-grade line of instruments, and one of the most highly-regarded, introduced in 1961, was the H75 double cutaway, triple pickup guitar (and its variants over the next decade or so).

They had three tone, volume and on/off toggle controls to give a variety of sounds. The DeArmond designed pickups with adjustable magnetic pole pieces, along with the 9 controls gave an 'infinite choice of tonal effects' according to the catalogue at the time. The gently curved rosewood fingerboard was adorned with block inlays, while the headstock was overlaid with an engraved faux tortoiseshell veneer, matching the tortoise pickgaurd and switch panel. This level of adornment set them instantly apart from the lesser quality guitars. The use of DeArmond Golden-tone pickups defined the Harmony electric sound that is still desirable today - this is a real tone monster!

This is a very early version of the H75, being produced in 1962. The three original DeArmond Golden-tone pickups all bear the same 1962 date stamp (see the detailed photo in the 'more pictures' link below), and serial number is 1624. Body is laminated Curly Maple, while the neck is Maple with a beautiful dark Brazilian Rosewood fretboard.

The guitar is in superb condition, and totally original. The rich brown Mahogany sunburst has just faded the perfect amount. Frets have plenty of life left in them, and have been recently dressed and crowned. Neck is gunbarrel straight, and this vintage USA hollowbody electric plays superbly! This is not unlike a Gibson® ES-330®, but with a heap more tonal variations, and at a tiny fraction of the cost! I've just restrung the guitar with D'Addario EXL140 strings, and it sounds GROUSE!

The guitar comes in a high-grade Hiscox Lite Flite hard shell case, also in superb condition.

Sold to Phil

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