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This is a fantastic guitar, and from an interesting time in the history of both Guild as a company and the M75 Bluesbird as a model. Serial number of 73900 indicates it was made in 1972, a year during which serials ranged from 61463 to 75602. It was also the year in which Alfred Dronge, Guild's founder, was killed in a crash of his private plane, and the year during which a phase switch and master volume was added to the Bluesbird, further enhancing its versatility. Pickups are the original highly-regarded HB-1 humbuckers, introduced in approximately 1970.

The solidbody Bluesbird version of the M75 was introduced in 1970 (the M75 Aristocrat was introduced as a thinline hollowbody without f-holes in 1954). It has a 13 3/4" rounded cutaway, arched top solid Mahogany body. It ran until 1978, when it was discontinued.

Different versions were re-introduced in 1984 (Poplar body and many other differences, and ran until 1988) and again in 1997 with Nightbird styling, but it is only this version that is the tone machine that I think should carry the name 'Bluesbird'. It's like a Les Paul® with some interesting breeding to give it some extra character.

Weight is 3.9kg (8.6 lbs), and scale length is 24 3/4 inches. The neck is very slick and fast (very Gibson®-like, if truth be told!), with a nut width of 41mm and neck width of 50mm at the 12th fret.

The original Guild hard shell case is scuffed on the exterior, but still extremely solid and usable. it is a very high-quality case, and will no doubt last another 35+ years of gigging!

Sold to Ian

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