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When you want that Gretsch sound - or even just stage presence - only a Gretsch will give it! This 7585 Sunburst Viking from early 1972 has both the sound and the look!

The Viking was essentially a White Falcon, but not in white. Originally this would have had the much-hated 'Floating Sound Unit', more commonly known as the 'Tuning Fork' bridge, but a standard 'Space Control' bridge has been put in its place - a much better arrangement, and probably my favourite with a Bigsby as the saddles rotate with the strings as they move, keeping the guitar nicely in tune.

This '72 vintage Gretsch is in wonderful condition. There is some minor crazing of the finish, with probably the worst being at the heel area on the neck (still very minor), but overall this has been an incredibly well cared-for guitar. The original sunburst finish is still lovely and vivid and unfaded - this guitar really looks stunning in the flesh!

Other than the changed bridge, everything is original and as it should be, right down to the knobs, strap lugs, Bigsby, scratchplate, even the ultra-cool original case! Serial number is 2 2122, showing it is the 122nd Gretsch made in February 1972.

A stunner that will sell quickly - don't hesitate on this one!

Sold to Daniel

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