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Here is a time-capsule for you. Made in April, 1976, (serial number 4.6110), this rare Gretsch 7605 Broadkaster bass has lived in its deluxe case for most of its life.

The original case is in beautiful condition (and even still has the original keys for the locks!), and the pocket contains the original factory and sales documentation. A sales docket shows the bass as having sold in Auckland in New Zealand in 1979, probably the first owner of the bass.

It has done very little work since, and has not been modified in any way. There are some very slight scuff-type marks on the body edges (see the detailed pictures in the 'more pictures' link below), but the complete absence of playing wear marks (no belt-buckle marks at all, no scratchplate marks, no fret wear, no fingerboard wear, and no headstock or bridge marks to indicate the strings were changed), makes me believe the marks on the body edges are from slightly over-enthusiastic factory buffing of the finish, which would not have been apparent at the time with a clear finish, but which now show up as 30 years of contact with the air has darkened the timber in these locations. This bass is truly in remarkable, virtually unplayed condition.

Its all-maple construction (with a slim centre-strip of mahogany on both the neck and the body) and its white scratchplate (which is yellowing subtlely with age) gives it a striking appearance, as well as a bit of weight, at bang on 5kg. It sounds as good as it looks, too, with its full scale length of 34". This is the same as a Fender bass, which was deliberate, as the 7605 was aimed directly at the Fender® Precision Bass®.

This is truly a collector-grade instrument, or one for the very fussy player.

The single pickup has a surprisingly high output, giving thumping bass with a nice 'jangle', not unlike the sound of a Rickenbacker, actually.

Sold to Wayne

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