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I love these early Grecos! Until I imported a stunning '76 Greco Tele® Thinline® Spacey Sounds from Japan (which sold as soon as it was listed), I really didn't appreciate just how good these '70s 'lawsuit' Greco guitars were. Since then, many vintage Grecos have sold through our website.

So here I have a Greco Strat®, or Super Sounds, from the same year as that initial Spacey Sounds, 1976. This one was made in October '76, so is now almost 33 years old.

As with the Thinline®, the level of attention to detail is amazing. The guitar is a direct copy of a late '60s vintage Fender® Stratocaster®, right down to the correct maple cap neck (with no skunk stripe down the back or truss rod plug on the headstock), the large "Jimi Hendrix" headstock, the staggered-pole pickups (the original Maxon 'Excel' pickups sound amazing - really, really detailed and bitey), and three-position selector switch. Even the weight, at 4.4kg, is about typical for a US-made late '60s Fender® Strat®! You can certainly see where the 'lawsuit' issue originated.

Check out the detailed photographs of pickups etc in the 'more pictures' link below.

This vintage Greco is incredibly original, and plays superbly. There are some minor marks and wear to the body and neck, but the previous Japanese owner was obviously very, very careful with this guitar to keep it this well for 30 years. Frets appear to have been dressed recently, but there is plenty of life left in the original frets yet. The neck lacquer shows the barest minimum of wear.

I wonder if its previous owner knew it as "Brackie"?

The Greco comes with what appears to be its original gig bag - no hard case supplied with this one (although a new CNB can be supplied at cost - about $120 - if requested).

A truly grouse guitar for the player or collector.

Sold to Justin

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