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Leaping Leo! What a grouse Greco! We just imported this beauty from Japan.

It's a May 1978 Japan-made Greco lawsuit copy of a Gibson ES-345 TD in rare Walnut finish. It was made in the highly-regarded Fujigengakki factory, and is arguably a better and more accurate 'copy' of a '69 Gibson ES-345TD in optional Walnut than even Gibson themselves made in 1978! Les Pauls, for instance, were made with the superior and more difficult to manufacture long tenon neck-body joins by Greco at this time, whereas Gibson had reverted to a cheaper and easier short tenon by this stage.

This guitar is wired in mono, but retains the full Vari-tone control. The guitar is totally original except for the Vari-tone switch, which had been replaced by a 0-10 knob by a previous owner. (I've since replaced this with a chicken-head screw-on knob, which is a lot closer to the original). There are some minor marks to the body and headstock, but these are very minor indeed, showing that it has been well cared for. The back displays none of the dreaded buckle rash (maybe Japanese guitarists haven't such a strong penchant for big, showy belt buckles!), and the original frets show virtually no wear at all. Action is fantastic, and can be adjusted ridiculously low without buzzing if that is your preference.

The original gold-plated hardware shows some play wear and tarnishing, but just enough to give the guitar some nice age patina and street cred! Check out the detailed pics in the 'more pictures' link below.

While this guitar is stunning visually, and in its accuracy of copying the Gibson original, the real surprise is in its sound. This guitar sounds gorgeous! In fact, I would stick my neck out and say it sounds even better than the 1967 Gibson ES-345TD we sold recently. And it's a LOT cheaper!

The guitar comes in a new non-original plush-lined hard shell case.

Sold to Dieter in Germany

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