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There ain't nothing like a vintage Gretsch®...or is there?

This Greco from 1987 is the closest thing I have EVER come across to the real thing, and that includes the MIJ Gretsch® guitars themselves. Closely modelled on a 1958 Chet Atkins® 6120®, right down to the T-roof logo, zero fret, 'neoclassic' or 'thumbprint' position markers and the G and arrow knobs, this guitar is stunning in every way, including condition. It's unmarked, and comes in its original plush-lined hard shell case with the warranty card still inside.

The pickups are the best Filter'Tron® copies imaginable. Pick this up, plug it in, and you would swear it's 1958 and you're playing your brand-new Gretsch®. This gem is priced at a tiny proportion (10-20%) of the price of an equally mint original. You will NOT be disappointed!

Sold to Simon

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