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My love of vintage Greco instruments will be obvious to anyone who has been following either the Grouse Guitars website or attending my bass-playing gigs, where I use a Greco almost exclusively these days in preference to all the vintage basses available to me!

This is a wonderfully accurate 'copy' of one of Gibson's most highly regarded basses - the full-scale (34.5 inch) version of their 'EB' bass - the EB3L. High-grade Mahogany, incredible accuracy and craftsmanship, and first-class electrics make this 'lawsuit' copy a perfect example of why the lawsuit was originally brought against the Japanese copiers! This bass dates from June 1987 (serial number F870781). The sound of these basses is amazing - that huge front humbucker pickup delivers thunderous bottom end, which can be tempered as much as you like by the bridge pickup which is nice and punchy with plenty of upper mids and trebles.

Play this, then play a 'genuine' Gibson® example, and see which one you end up buying! I've done it many times, and am now playing Grecos (as well as other early 'lawsuit' Japanese copies of guitars for my guitar gigs and recording sessions) almost exclusively.

This bass shows a little playing wear and a few markings, but could still be safely described as excellent. Check out the detailed photographs in the 'more pictures' link below.

This bass came with an aftermarket gig bag - this will be supplied with the bass, or a suitable hard case can be sourced and provided at cost if required.

Sold to Vernon in New Zealand

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