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I love genuine Rickenbacker® basses, and I am also a big fan of so-called 'lawsuit' Made-in-Japan Greco copies of various guitars and basses.

This Greco has a November 1990 build date. The quality is amazing, as is the accuracy. And the sound is simply awesome! No wonder the Rickenbacker® manufacturers are so vigilant about selling spare parts such as 'R' tailpieces and original truss rod covers only to owners of genuine Rickenbacker® instruments, as unscrupulous sellers have fitted these parts in the past in an effort to try to pass a copy off as the real thing.

This MIJ 'lawsuit' bass has a few chips and scrapes, the cover is missing from the treble pickup (most owners remove them, finding they get in the way), and the aluminium dressing has come off one of the knobs (see the detailed pics in the 'more pictures' link below), but overall the bass is in good playing condition. There is not much wear to the frets or fretboard at all. Weight is 3.8kg (8.4 pounds).

These Japanese copies are becoming extremely collectable and sought-after in their own right, as the vigilance by Rickenbacker International Corporation in protecting their trademarks has ensured that no more copies have been made for many years.

This bass comes with a Gator-brand case in great condition.

Sold to Derek in New Zealand

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