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I know it's a used-car cliche, but this amp really was only driven to church on Sundays by a little old lady!

The previous owner (the little old lady) only ever played her National electronic organ through this amp. It was untouched for 30 years, and is dead original and in superb working condition.

Being a collector's item, I've not had this amp serviced or had the power caps replaced (normally a matter of course for any amp that comes in here). Everything, right down to the last screw, is as it would have been when it left the Melbourne Goldentone factory back in the 1960s.

Tremolo is to die for, and it even has a valve-driven spring reverb. Both these are switchable by the original footswitch.

Power stage is a pair of 6GW8 valves (amongst my favourite), giving around 10 watts or so with a tailwind into the original 12" Aussie Hi-flux speaker.

A really classy little Australian tone monster for the collector, the studio, or the musician with a home studio looking for genuine vintage tone.


Sold to Chris

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