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A very original, one-owner, (yes, ONE OWNER!) example of a collectable vintage Australian-made valve (or tube) guitar amplifier. Here is the perfect amp to pair with your Grouse Guitars vintage Maton guitar!

Comes complete with matching and original 4x12" sealed-back box, which also contains the reverb spring pan. Very different and original design, with a multi-pin connector to link the head and box. The footswitch (which switches both tremolo and reverb on and off) is original and comes with this setup. Click on the "More pictures" link below to see pics of this and other features of this classic amplifier). Original handles on both head and quadbox.

These 60-watt Goldentones use a very individual circuit using 2 x 6DQ6B valves in the output stage, which no doubt contribute largely to the very individual retro sound (as would the original Rola speakers).

Super cool in its original tolex and grille cloth, and in perfect working order. One chicken-head knob is missing, and the grille cloth has some staining, no doubt from years in smoky bars, but this vintage gem of an amp is in incredibly original and complete condition. This is the ONLY Goldentone I have ever seen to come with its original instructions and circuit diagram - a true investment piece!

Serial number is 3814.


Sold to Ed

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