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This is a glorious and very original Goldentone bass (and rhythm guitar!) amp from 1966.

Cabinets and coverings (including the original gold-flecked grille cloth) are in great condition. Not mint, but very, very tidy and well cared-for.

60 watts of toneful Goldentone power, which gives a beautiful warm edge to bass, whether double-bass or solid-body. The previous long-term owner played both types through it. Not a good guitar amp without modification, as the response is rolled off in the treble region, one of the reasons this amp sounds so warm when amplifying a bass instrument.

Very collectable, and also very usable.

One speaker is the original Plessey, while a replacement vintage Eminence was fitted many years ago. The two speakers complement each other very well, much in the same way that many boutique amp builders these days specifically fit dissimilar speakers to their cabinets for the rich overtones that can be produced.

Sold to Geoffrey

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