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Beautiful! This 1965 vintage Goldentone Bassmaster 40 amplifier with 2x12 box is great for either bass or guitar, in the true Bassman® tradition.

The 'bass guitar' input provides full range and sparkle for either bass or lead guitar, while the 'rhythm guitar' input is usually more laid back, with rolled off bass and treble. While the amp came to us recently serviced and revalved, we nevertheless were not happy with the sound, and took it to our tech of choice for further work. He discovered quite a few problems, mainly around the input stage. He replaced some noisy resistors, resoldered dry joints, tightened and cleaned valve pin sockets and an input valve. He also replaced electrolytic capacitors (only two of the main ones had already been replaced by the previous tech, but our tech wonders why he didn't do the others) in bias , HT and signal sections. Input resistors were changed to give the amp more sparkle and life by correctly loading passive pickups.

So now it is ready to rock for another few decades!

The box has 2 classic alnico Rola 12U50 speakers, which sound great. The box itself has been modified at some stage to be half sealed and half open-back, with one 12" Rola in each section. The resultant sound is absolutely fantastic, with the bottom end and punch of a sealed box, and the openness and natural mids of an open-back.

Weight of the head is 12kg, and dimensions width 58cm x height 20cm (plus handle) x depth 21cm. The box weighs 25kg, and measures 74cm x 60cm x 30cm.

Sold to Shane

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