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Here's what is probably the best example of a model 1757 20-watt Goldentone Bassmaster that I will ever see. This one dates from 1964.

This particular amp model is covered in a lot of detail in Roly Roper's definitive website on early Aussie valve amps - click here to see all that info!

Brad Coates, of Melmusic, also singled the model out in his interesting overviews of some vintage gear - click here to see his comments.

There are some areas at the rear bottom of the cabinet where the blonde tolex has worn through (see the rear pics in the link below), but this vintage amp is gobsmackingly gorgeous - the photos don't do it justice, I can assure you.

And with the vintage Rola it sounds as grouse at it looks. Very collectable, and very usable as well.

Weight of this amp is 25kg, and without the legs the unit is 59cm wide, 61cm tall (plus the handle) and 30cm deep.

Sold to Michael

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