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This, along with the small, single-ended version I purchased within weeks of finding this rare amp, is the earliest Goldentone I've seen.

It pre-dates the 'usual' Goldentones, and is a completely different design; a much more 'conventional' design, in fact. The power amp (which is mounted at the bottom of the cabinet) uses 2 EL-34 valves to give around 35 watts into the 2 x 12" speakers. The original output transformer is of extremely high quality (a '4000' series normally used on high-end audio amps at the time), which no doubt contributes significantly to the sonic signature of this amp.

The amp is just back from our tech of choice, where it had extensive work done, including 2 new EL-34s (hand-picked Electroharmonix valves suited it the best), an NOS EF86 (very expensive, but the Russian copies just didn't cut it) plus a host of other caps and other components. This amp sounds GROUSE, and quite unlike any other Goldentone I've ever heard.

The speakers were changed some years back for a pair of Lorantz speakers. I was going to find a pair of original Rola 12PX speakers to install (Lorantz is the present name for the same company that made the original Rolas), but I have to admit this amp sounds so damn good as-is I'm going to leave it. This amp is a very healthy, bitey, toneful vintage amp, and you can be guaranteed you'll never be sharing the stage with another one!

The previous long-term owner (a well-known Melbourne guitarist) was adamant that it was made in 1959, although I have not been able to find any dates on any of the amp's components to verify this.

This vintage valve amp owes us a lot of money, so the pricing reflects that. I'm on no hurry to sell it, as I hope to enjoy gigging it for some time before the next owner gets it! This is a very rare, very cool, very usable and very early Goldentone.


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