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Here we have a vintage Goldentone Bassmaster 40watt head (model number 1746), probably dating from the late 1960s. It would make a truly grouse bass rig for those looking for a true, fat vintage tone, and also sounds great with guitar, with a very 'full' and big sound. In fact, this amp reminds me very much of a 50 watt Fender® Bassman®, with similar lively characteristics, breakup beginning at a similar level, and the fact it sounds good both as a bass amp and a guitar amp. So in that regard, it could very well be considered Australia's vintage 'Bassman®'.

It comes with a Goldentone speaker box dating from slightly earlier (judging by the different edge molding used), which is loaded with its original 16ohm alnico magnet 15 inch speaker, which I conservatively estimate would be rated around 50 to 60 watts. I have never heard of the brand identified on a sticker on the speaker (see the 'more pictures' link below), which is Universal Sound Products. They may have been the sellers, rather than the makers, of the speaker - if anyone can help with any details, I'll gratefully accept!

It's an extremely well-built speaker, and sounds great. It's very efficient, but also lovely and warm in true alnico fashion.

The box has been converted to a standard 1/4 inch jack, but still retains its Goldentone 8-pin (octal valve) socket, so it could easily be reverted back to use with a Goldentone 8-pin lead if required. I have disconnected the 8-pin, as it is highly unlikely anyone would ever want to use it again, as the box has no reverb tank. Goldentones had their reverb tanks in the speaker box, not the amp heads, and were automatically connected with 3 of the 8pins on the plug when a Goldentone head was plugged in. The Bassmaster head, of course, does not have Reverb, and connects to the box by simply using either of the two 1/4" outlet sockets with a standard speaker lead, which is supplied.

The wells on the top of the box accept the rubber feet of Goldentone Bassmaster and Reverbmaster 40watt heads.

The box measures 74cm(H) x 60cm(W) x 30cm(D), and weighs just under 27kg, while the head measures 23cm(H) x 60cm(W) x 21cm(D) and weighs 12kg. Shipped dimensions and weights will be slightly higher.

Sold to Chris

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