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When it comes to vintage Goldentone valve amps, I'm definitely a leg man. The original combo amps with their TV legs to me are the ultimate in cool!

This is a model 1765 Reverbmaster 'Lead' 40-watt combo, with tremolo and spring reverb (both footswitchable), and dates from 1967. Serial number is 6752, and the output transformer has a date stamp of 31 March 1967

This amp has had extensive restoration work done to the electronics by a leading Melbourne amp tech.

There are some marks to the tolex covering, and some rubbery compound dripped onto the top in places. The handle has been repaired with webbing covered in shrink tubing, and I suspect the legs may not be the originals, as they are slightly too long to fit into the threaded holes provided in the back of the amp for transportation. They do, however, fit nicely into the two compartments on either side of the back where the power lead and footswitches normally reside. The footswitches are definitely early Aussie, but I suspect are not original Goldentone, as these normally come with a cast metal dual-switch unit. The individual (permanently wired in) footswitches with this amp are made of Bakelite, and have the original bedside-lamp push on/push off switches in them.

There were some screws missing from the back panel when the photographs were taken, but replacement screws have been ordered and will be fitted before the amp is shipped to its new owner.

This vintage Goldentone has a mint pair of my favourite speakers - Rola 12PEG Alnico speakers - and sounds fantastic. Output valves are USA-made 6DQ6B.

Dimensions (with TV legs unscrewed) are 67cm(W) x 60cm(H) x 28cm(D), and weighs 26kg.

Sold to James

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