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Dig this! I'll bet your vintage guitar collection hasn't one of these in it!

Grouse new-old-stock late '70s or early '80s Godwin Organ that's played like a guitar. And yes, it even has guitar pickups and can be played as an electric guitar as well. I tried to locate one of these for years, but always thought of them more as a curiosity, even a poor joke...until I got one! These things are awesome! With the organ output (the stereo output from the control pedal has a red (guitar) and black (organ) lead) feeding into a Leslie cabinet, I defy anyone to pick the organ sounds from a real tonewheel Hammond. I kid you not - the experiment was done with popular Melbourne (Australia) band The Kingsize Five in which I am the bassist. This band features a vintage M-100 Hammond tonewheel organ. Correctly set up, the Godwin was remarkably and convincingly Hammond-like when fed into the Leslie. The Hammond player himself could scarcely believe his ears!

Ever played a Hammond Organ? If so you'll understand the drawbar logic (really quite simple), but on this guitar the drawbars are rotary knobs, plus each drawbar is instantly able to be switched in or out. Add to this the fact that you can add or subtract as much 'percussion' as you like (once again fully shapeable and adjustable for volume and length), tremolo, including on/off and fast/slow controls (which if you're seriously drugged might sound like a Leslie), and more!

During the 1970s Sisme, the Italian owner of Godwin Organs, aimed to attract guitarists with the ambitious Guitar-Organ. It looked impressive, with a vast array of controls, and was big on body dimensions, necessary to accommodate the copious electronics. As with the ill-fated Vox organ, frets were wired to tone generators and string contact completed the 'circuit', creating the organ sound.

Truly amazing, and truly rare.

In mint condition including mint case and original 240-volt power supply/volume pedal (I guess to continue the Hammond parallels it's an 'expression' pedal).

Sold to Brandon in Georgia, USA

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