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This is a handmade hollow aluminium-bodied Telecaster® made by Glennalum in NSW, Australia. Glenn has made limited numbers of various custom aluminium guitars (he is a fully qualified Metal Fabricator specialising in Aluminium and Stainless Steel), and is presently taking a break from production. I purchased this guitar as new from him, but it was delivered with a slight dent on the bottom edge adjacent to the jack. I've not bothered to have this small fault repaired, and I have photographed it clearly (see the 'more pictures' link below).

It has a JVP modern "C shaped" Neck with 22 medium to large frets, Wilkinson pickups, a Wilkinson brass-saddle bridge and Wilkinson tuners. Aluminium Tele®s have a unique dobroish sound, which is a lot of fun! The clean sound is surperb, and it breaks up nicely too, with surprisingly almost no feedback despite the hollow body.

The guitar does not have a hard case, but will come well packed, complete with a used gig bag.

Sold to Matthew

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