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Here is a very special little guitar that has been pampered since the original and only previous owner commissioned it from Gerard Gilet back in 1996. The brief was an elegant guitar without excessive decoration, with Robert Johnson's original parlor guitar a strong influence. The binding is very fine, with no purfling and only 3 black lines around the sound hole. As the original owner explains, "I had it made that way so as not to detract from the beauty of the wood", and I am sure you will agree the result is extremely elegant and beautiful.

Rather than being built to the dimensions of a Gibson L1, this beautiful guitar is closer to Martin's 'O' size, having a shape very similar to my much-treasured Gilet Brazilian Rosewood 'O' Parlour, but with less depth to the body than that particular guitar. The bouts measure 13 1/4" and 9 1/4" across, with a body depth of 4 1/4". Scale length is 24 3/4", with a very playable action at the 12th fret of 3mm on the bass side and 2mm on the treble.

Just as my personal Brazilian Rosewood guitar, this one has a solid Swiss Pine top. The fretboard is Brazilian Rosewood, while the neck, back and sideas are solid New Guinea Rosewood.

The guitar comes with its original stunning, handmade hard case that was made specifically for this guitar in 1996. It is made from ply, is edged with aluminium, covered with luggage cloth, has a leather handle, and is lined with heavy-duty plush fabric. This case is extremely strong - you can stand on it with confidence! It was made by a friend of Gerard's (the case was $600 alone back in 1996, and is the same as that which came custom-made with my 1990 Gilet Resonator).

I had hoped to be able to keep this guitar for myself, as it is an exquisite Gilet in incredibly good condition (only the tiniest of fingernail marks on the soundboard - the guitar has been LOVED!), and looks and sounds divine.

Sold to Mark

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