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This is an extremely rare Gibson Flying V in fantastic condition. It's a very beautiful thing!

"The V" was introduced by Gibson in 1981 to compete primarily with the Maple-topped Dean and Hamer V guitars which became so popular in the late 1970s. They were made with either Mahogany or Maple bodies and necks, with a bound curly Maple top. The 22-fret fretboard is Ebony, and the position markers are white pearloid dots.

Gibson "The V" models are quite rare and collectable enough in their own right, and most were produced in Antique Sunburst or Vintage Cherry Sunburst. However, only 10-12 were ever made in Antique Natural finish - this is one of them!

This vintage Gibson is all original except for extra strap button hole on the back and the truss rod cover screws, The truss rod cover has small cracks and a small section missing at the screw attachment holes. This is a stunning looking and playing V, and has the original (and cool!) wind-out tuners. It weighs 8 lbs. 8.5 oz. It is in truly incredible condition, and even has the original hard case, also in great condition. Serial number is 82142004.

In 1984 Gibson offered the CMT (Curly Maple Top) model as a cut-price version of "The V", and these were only available in the two Sunburst finishes, which meant the selection of tonewoods for the body and neck was much less crucial regarding appearance of grain etc. The Flying V CMT model was only made in 1984, and was the end of the line for the 'The V' / 'Flying V CMT' versions. It is a common misconception that all Gibson maple-topped Vs were 'CMT' models, but the model name is only correctly applicable to the specific CMT V of 1984.

Just to further confuse the enthusiast of Gibson V guitars, Gibson also had a cut-price version on offer for the 1981-89 period which was made in the Nashville factory and called the Flying V - No Pickguard Model. I have seen these being offered for sale as 'The V' models, but they are easily distinguishable with the different tailpiece location (closer to the bridge) and different control layout.

Sold to Joel

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