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Here's a lovely vintage Gibson SG Custom. Serial number is 745219 (on back of headstock, with 'Made in USA'), and pot codes are 1377020 (20th week of 1970). This guitar either immediately pre-dates or post-dates the horrible 1971/2 model with the front-mounted semi-circular control plate. Early '70s Gibsons are notoriously difficult to date accurately (the serial numbers are effectively meaningless), so I'm sticking with the pot dates.

The Custom was the top of the SG tree, with three pickups, bound neck and headstock, gold-plated hardware, Ebony fretboard with super-low frets (continuing the 'fretless wonder' quality of the Les Paul Custom models), big diecast deluxe tuners and the one-piece Mahogany body.

This one's been much-played, and has quite a few small dings and imperfections to the body (in addition to the age-checking), and the clear finish on the back of the Mahogany neck is worn through in a couple of places. There is a large quarter-circle mark through the finish on the back caused by a strap (see the pictures in the 'more pictures' link below). The low frets are now super-low, but are still original.

This vintage Gibson is factory-fitted with the Gibson-engraved Bigsby vibrato (rather than the Vibrola).

Case is the original '70s Gibson 'protector' case.

Sold to Geoff

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