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What a RIPPER! Both in name and in nature! This Gibson Ripper, in Ebony finish with Ebony fretboard, was made in the last year of the Ripper's 1974-82 lifespan.

This 1982 vintage Gibson Ripper bass is very original and complete, except for the missing truss rod cover. These basses sound fantastic, and are extremely versatile with their pickup selection (1 = Front, 2 = Back, 3 = Front and Back, and 4 = Front and Back out of phase) and tone controls which are more than the usual bass and treble cut controls. Many erroneously think the 'middle' knob is a mid-boost control, but it actually controls an interesting circuit involving two inductors (chokes, coils) and a capacitor in a tuned circuit which is not a mid boost so much as a mid cut (a 1st order low pass filter in series with a 1st order high pass filter). It's an extremely useful feature, which really gets some incredibly usable and individual sounds.

The bass does everything from really thunderous stuff to quite delicate, almost 'quacky' tones (try the out-of-phase position!).

Condition is well-played, but good. There is belt-buckle worming on the back, various normal small dings and chips, and the finish has worn from the back of the neck lower edge (see pic above and detailed pics in the 'more pictures' link below), but it's obviously been a well-loved and well-played bass. It's only the good ones that get played like this!

There is plenty of fret life still left, and the neck is true and very playable. These are a full-scale bass, remember, not a short-scale like the EB-3.

Weight is 4.75 kilos, or 10.5 pounds, with the weight coming from the solid Maple body and set Maple neck with an Ebony fretboard, which is extremely resonant.

This grouse bass came to us without a case, so is sold also without a case. Of course, it will be securely boxed to ensure safe delivery.

Sold to Richard in the UK

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