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These stripped-down Les Pauls are great, and this example made in 1992 (serial 90422485) is no exception. The "Studio" model was introduced in 1983 and the intended market was the studio musician; therefore, the design features of the "Les Paul Studio" were centered around optimal sound output. This model retained only the elements of the Gibson Les Paul that contributed to tone and playability, including the carved maple top and standard mechanical and electronic hardware. However, the Studio design omitted several stock Gibson ornamentations that did not affect sound quality, including the binding on the body and neck.

It's a guitar which is a player much more than a collector, with some wear to the finish on the body edges wear the player's arm is in contact and around the top of the headstock, plus some bumps and marks in the finish on the back of the body and neck (none really through the finish, and next to impossible to show in the photographs).

A previous owner has changed the original Klusons for black high-quality Gotohs, although I suspect this was done more for appearance (black on black) than tuning stability. The good news is that the Gotohs did not require any further drilling for the mounting screws, as the holes lined up exactly, so it would be an easy matter to put a set of Klusons back if the new owner wishes to do so.

There is some play wear to the original frets, and a fussy player may wish to have them dressed, but it plays great as-is, with that wonderful 'played-in' feel that only a much-loved and much-played guitar can get. A big part of this is the buttery Ebony fretboard - nothing feels as good as a board of high-grade Ebony!

Weight isn't bad for a 'Paul at bang on 4kg (8.8 pounds).

The guitar comes with a non-original hard case - nothing flash, but it does the job!

Sold to Kyle in Melbourne

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