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Gibson introduced the Les Paul Bass in 1969, just after the re-launch of the Les Paul guitar. It went through various guises, long and short scale, solid and hollow body, before ceasing in 1979.

However, in the early 1990s Gibson decided to float the Les Paul Bass idea one more time, and included flat-top versions (Deluxe and Special) and the carved-top Standard model. The first versions of the new models featured Bartolini pickups and electronics (highly-regarded by bassists), and is an extremely capable bass. This version is recognizable by its lack of a pickup selector switch. (the switch is redundant with the active pickups; one control is for master volume, and the other three - -5 0 +5 with a centre detent - are for pickup mixing, and active boost-flat-cut control of the treble and bass frequencies)

This is one of those early flat-top Special basses with the original Bartolini electronics and pickups. It dates from 1993, has its original black finish, Ebony fretboard and black hardware. Frets are in good shape, and it has a nice chunky neck. The bass is all original except for one tuner (G-string), which is a matching Gibson tuner but has been refinished in black (from chrome) to suit the other three original black chrome tuners. Weight is nice at 9 lbs 9.1 oz.. Serial number is 94033273. There are some pick & swirl marks and a couple of chips on the edge, but this desirable Gibson Les Paul Special Bass is in very good overall condition.

It's a really nice bass to play and it sounds great! While most think of Gibson as producing basses for 'metal' and other heavy forms of music, this thing is unbelievably good for the funk/jazz style as well as straight blues. The Les Paul look combined with the overall black finish also make it a very visually appealing bass. It comes with an Epiphone hard case.

Sold to Andrew

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