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Want something different from the rest? Here it is! This 1977 Gibson G3 bass has seen some action, but plays and sounds like you wouldn't believe. The G3 has a 34.5 inch scale length, and weight is a nice comfortable 4.3kg (9.5 pounds).

The model debuted in 1975 with the same body shape and styling as the Grabber but a different (and innovative) pickup configuration. It still had a Maple or Alder body (this one is Alder), bolt-on neck with arrow headstock, but three Bill Lawrence-designed single-coil pickups, wired in humbucking configuration. Sonically it is much more like a Fender than a Gibson, and was perhaps aimed at taking some of their market share. It was a popular bass with a much brighter sound than Gibson basses were usually associated with. The 3-position pickup switch selects either the front and middle pickup, the rear and middle pickup, or all three pickups together.

Some high profile bassists have used a G3, including Mark Evans in his early days with AC/DC (you can see him in the famous film clip done on the back of a flatbed truck in Melbourne's Swanston Street in 1975 - click here to see it on YouTube)

Other famous users include Mike Dirnt of Green Day, Kenny Vasoli of The Starting Line, and Kelly Groucutt used one during his tenure with Electric Light Orchestra during the 1970s.

This bass has recently had some neck restoration done to correct a crack and a twist, with a new rosewood fretboard, new frets and inlayed markers, new truss rod, new staining and set up.

Comes in a non-original (Epiphone branded) plush-lined hard case.

Sold to Rod

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