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This is ridiculous! Nearly 30 years old, yet looks as though it hasn't been played! No pick wear, no fret wear, no neck wear, no buckle rash, and only the the tiniest and most barely perceptible marks anywhere! Even the chrome on the pickups is almost virginal! The only indications that this has ever been out of its case is a slightly bent shaft on the "G" string, and a distorted mounting plate for the output jack, plus a couple of tiny chips to the finish, all of which we've left untouched just to show it's not actually a virgin! The beautifully yellowed binding and pick guard also show how gracefully this beauty has been ageing.

We very, very rarely come across a vintage '70s Gibson Les Paul anywhere near as clean as this. An absolute time-warp. Even the original case (the Gibson 'chainsaw' style) has unused original Gibson strings still inside!

Weight is right on 4.5kg, or just under 10 pounds. Serial number is 73169636.

This is a collector grade instrument, or one for the very fussy (and very lucky!) player.

Sold to Dean

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