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This is a rare and limited release version of Gibson's famous (and cool!) Thunderbird bass. Made only in 1976, the Thunderbird 76 Bicentennial model has a full 34.5inch scale, and chrome humbucking pickups that give these basses their huge sound.

Full neck-through mahogany neck, with mahogany body 'wings', this bass resonates beautifully, yet weighs a very comfortable 4.3kg.

Output jack replaced some years back, but the original comes in the pocket of the original hard shell case, as do the two rare-as-rocking-horse-droppings chrome covers for the bridge and neck pickup.

The strap lug on the front edge of the body was at one stage relocated to the back of the bass, before being re-instated in its original position, and the resultant tiny hole has been plugged, as can be seen on the detail pics (see 'more pictures' link below). Otherwise totally original and unmolested, this is a truly GROUSE bass for the player and collector alike.

This bass previously belonged to an Australian performing and recording artist (who traded it on a vintage Fender bass), and an unmarked CD of an album recorded using this bass will be supplied with the bass. I can't supply the original CD or any details, to ensure I comply with the Australian privacy laws, but it's damn good to hear this bass doing what it does best...sound good!

Sold to Nigel in the UK.

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