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Some time back we briefly had a fantastic-sounding amp that someone had made from a vintage film projector speaker box...and the chassis was an Italian-made Geloso. See that amp here (it sold instantly to a very enthusiastic new owner in Sydney).

Never did I expect to find what is almost a New Old Stock example of another Geloso!

Check out the pictures in the 'more pictures' link below - the original wooden packing box and paperwork are still with this amp!

It's a 15-watt general-purpose amp which will lend itself perfectly to guitar use. The multi-tap output means you can match it literally to any load, and the time-tested 2x12AX7 and 2xEL-84 stages mean you have the right gain and the right power. Couple that with complete point-to-point hard-wiring and a selection of input sensitivities, and you have the ideal basis to either use as-is or to 'hot-rod' to your heart's content.

The two 'microfoni' inputs could easily be converted to standard 1/4 inch jacks to take a guitar lead, and would have the right sensitivity. Likewise, the speaker sockets on the back (presently wired for 8-ohms, but you can select any suitable impedance) could easily be changed for standard 1/4 inch sockets.

A beautifully-built, highly individual vintage amp head that's built like a modern 'boutique' amp, but at a fraction of the cost!

Sold to Andy

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