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Now this is COOL! Combine a classic '60s amp from Italian amp maker Geloso (they made PAs and ham radio amps in the 60s) with a classic Jensen P12N to make a fat sounding little amp perfect for old school blues guitar or harmonica, and house the lot in a genuine old cabinet (old Bell and Howell projector speaker enclosure?) with removable back, and you end up with this truly GROUSE amp.

Like most amps of this vintage, this amp has two channels - Micro and Fono. There is a volume control for each channel and a tone control "Tono". The Micro channel is the louder of the two, the Fono channel being for higher output instruments (like the accordian channel on Ampeg amps).

As you can see, the tube compliment is a pair of 12AX7s pushing a pair of EL84s with an EZ81 rectifier. This amp is not for the squeamish ...this thing really screams, and is definitely not just a bedroom practice amp. Whether for recording studio or live use, this amp will cut it. I use a hand-built reproduction of a Vox AC-15 which blows most amps up to 40 and 50 watts into the weeds as my main gigging amp (unmiked!), and was not expecting this one to come anywhere close, but I was very, very surprised by what happened when I plugged it in and tried it! This amp will also be used in my gigging arsenal until it sells. It's incredible.

Check out the 'more pictures' link below to truly check out this amp.

And do yourself a favour and get yourself this grouse retro tone-machine! You will not be disappointed.

Sold to Con as soon as it listed!

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