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Early Australian valve guitar amps are amazing. Previously vastly undervalued (our typical cultural cringe?), vintage Aussie tube amps are now becoming increasingly sought after, for their tone, quality of build (this amp, like most of the era, is hand-built with point-to-point wiring now only found on the most expensive boutique amps) and character. This all adds up to collectability and good investment potential.

Now here is a real beauty - an Aussie copy of the famous Fender® blackface Bassman® amp (but with Orange tolex and a Plexi front!). Beautifully made, and totally original. Still has the original '70s Celestion greenbacks fitted - all original cones, totally unmolested. Not only does this thing look grouse; it sounds grouse!! Very collectable and usable.

Be noticed, sound good, and get a good investment all in the one go. Check out the 'more pictures' link below.

Sold to Tony

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